Our Values

Throughout our history, we’ve learned that it’s not just what an audience sees on stage that matters, but also the team’s experience in creating and delivering an event. We’ve found that a well-coordinated team who respects each other and enjoys their work produces a superior event. We pride ourselves on:

  • Creative thinking
  • Thoughtful planning
  • Technical excellence
  • Flawless execution
  • Courtesy and respect
  • Openness to others’ ideas
  • Always doing what we say


Declan Weir Productions (DWP) partners with clients to communicate an organization’s story, brand and message through professionally produced engaging events.



Declan Weir Productions (DWP) focuses first and foremost on the needs of the attendees because we believe that the success of every event depends on a quality audience experience.  Therefore, we ask ourselves three questions:

Is the audience safe, comfortable, and engaged in the experience?

DWP works with venues and local authorities to make sure that every audience member feels that they are in good hands from the moment they decide to attend the event until they are headed back home.  This includes clear directions before the event, safe and adequate egress at the event site, clear and reasonable access to necessary facilities and medical assistance, and excellent audio and video support to assist in crowd control and movement.

Does the audience have adequate aural and visual access to the event’s focal point?

We believe the cornerstone of a good event is excellent audio and video quality. Because the key message of any event lies in the communicated word, it is absolutely vital that audiences are able to hear what is being said.  In our experience, audio clarity is even more crucial for faith-based events in which the message being communicated is both sacred and life changing.  Our trained sound technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment to make sure that our client’s message reaches the entire audience. For large-scale events in particular, it is important for the audience to have visual access to the stage through one’s natural eye or via video screens.   Our stage, video and lighting technicians are trained to assess each venue to optimize its strengths and overcome potential barriers.

Is the event accessible to all attendees?

We work to overcome obstacles like temporary facilities, minimal infrastructure, rough terrain, unpredictable weather, limited budgets, and large numbers of untrained temporary staff, and to improve access for patrons with disabilities.  DWP understands these difficulties and will help make the event accessible to all attendees.

We also have experience in making all necessary provisions for language translation, and the hearing and sight impaired.


At DWP, we consider delivering our client’s mission and message as our next most important job.

What is our client’s mission?

As stewards of our client’s mission, we strive to learn everything we can about an organization through research, conversation, and attendance at planning meetings. We immerse ourselves in our client’s culture and become a partner in their mission.  The foundation for every decision we make in the event production process is tied to that mission.

How can we support the delivery of our client’s message?

At DWP, we believe it is our responsibility to be ambassadors of our client’s message through effective oral and written communication, quality scripting, and brand-focused stage design and signage. We select vendors and professional crew members, and then educate them about our client’s message and mission.  As a result, every member of DWP’s staff is equipped to promote our client’s message and purpose.  We believe this is especially important at faith-based events where young people have an opportunity to see spiritual values modeled by adult professionals.


DWP strives to ensure that the message delivery –“the event” – is complete, polished, and conveys our client’s message in a concise and effective way. We work to accomplish this through a detailed and passionate approach to the following:


We oversee a process that results in a creative, well-written, audience-appropriate script that delivers our client’s message. Our team works with the client to formulate a show flow, create clear and concise dialogue, and integrate all of the technical elements of the show in to the script.

Through the use of dedicated script software, we can create scripts that can remain consistent throughout the process and can easily be adapted to fit the specific needs of all the individuals involved in the execution of the show.


DWP facilitates productive and timely client-scheduled rehearsals. We help clients to determine appropriate time frames for each rehearsed element. We communicate the schedule to all individuals involved in rehearsals, on both the technical and talent sides, and insure that all technical elements are ready for use at the appropriate times.

Use of Music

We work with our client to use the power of music in the strongest way possible to support the message and the energy of the event. Our audio department will supply recorded music, edited specifically for use per event, and in the past we have commissioned custom music written for many events. We also assist our client in obtaining all copyright and licensing permissions.